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Final Standings for the 2010 IMTTO Constructors Championship
1. Scott = 228
2. Specialized = 205
3. Trek = 191
4. Intense = 190
5. Commencal = 181
6. Orbea = 173
7. Yeti = 153
8. KTM = 125
9. Rocky Mountain = 111
10. Santa Cruz = 81
11. Ghost = 70
12. Lapierre = 70
13. Merida = 65
14. Evil = 47
15. Rotwild = 43
16. Duratec = 42
17. Agang = 41
18. Colnago = 36
19. Norco = 35
20. Pells = 35
21. Cannondale = 33
22. Identiti = 31
23. BH = 28
24. Wheeler = 27
25. BMC = 26
26. GT = 26
27. Tomac = 26
28. Gary Fisher = 20
29. Sunn = 20
30. Nicolai = 18
31. Thˆmus = 15
32. Cube = 14
33. Giant = 14
34. Canfield = 11
35. Focus = 10
36. Look = 10
37. Marin = 10
38. Boardman = 9
39. Ancillotti = 7
40. Felt = 7
41. Mondraker = 7
42. MSC = 7
43. Stevens = 7
44. FRW = 6
45. Kona = 6
46. Corratec = 5
47. Zenith = 5
48. 2Stage = 4
49. Banshee = 4
50. Clayborn = 4
51. Massi = 4
52. Dartmoor = 3
53. Morewood = 3
54. Ridley = 3
55. Seven = 3
56. Ibis = 1
57. Opus = 1
58. Solid = 1
59. Transition = 1

IMTTO Event Of The Year 2009
After tabulating the votes of all of our Trade Team and Tech Support members, here are the top 25 events for 2009!

1 Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup
2 Fort William World Cup
3 Offenburg World Cup
4 La Bresse World Cup
5 Schladming World Cup
6 Pietermaritzburg World Cup
7 Houffalize World Cup
8 Canberra World Championships
9 Maribor World Cup
10 Vallnord World Cup
11 Roc díAzur
12 Crankworx Whistler
13 European DH Champs
14 Racer Bikes Cup Muttenz
15 Singletrack Weekender
16 Pump Track Worlds
17 Madrid World Cup
18 Bromont World Cup
19 Racer Bikes Cup Solothurn
20 Bundesliga Bad Salzdethfurt
21 Dirt Master Winterberg
22 Champery World Cup
23 Bern Bike HC
24 US Open
25 Mountain Mayhem UK

Final Standings for the 2009 IMTTO Constructors Championship
1. Specialized = 648
2. Trek = 415
3. Giant = 404
4. Intense = 375
5. Scott = 361
6. Yeti = 359
7. GT = 348
8. Santa Cruz = 324
9. Commencal = 303
10. Merida = 269
11. Orbea = 235
12. Rocky Mountain = 227
13. Ghost = 205
14. Cannondale = 164
15. Evil = 162
16. Massi = 154
17. Lapierre = 127
18. Sunn = 127
19. Rotwild = 109
20. Norco = 108
21. Author = 99
22. Turner = 87
23. Mondraker = 83
24. Morewood = 72
25. KHS = 67
26. Iron Horse = 52
27. Bianchi = 51
28. MSC = 44
29. FRM = 41
30. Nicolai = 41
31. Canfield = 40
32. RB = 40
33. Hercules = 36
34. Corratec = 35
35. Gary Fisher = 35
36. Colnago = 29
37. Canyon = 27
38. Kraftstoff = 25
39. Orange = 24
40. Felt = 21
41. Focus = 21
42. Tomac = 21
43. Pellís = 17
44. Carraro = 13
45. BMC = 12
46. Cube = 12
47. Identiti = 12
48. Seven = 12
49. Thˆmus = 12
50. Chumba = 11
51. Jamis = 11
52. Lee Cougan = 11
53. Ancillotti = 10
54. Solid = 10
55. Spatz = 10
56. Ancillotti = 9
57. Ridley = 9
58. Independent = 5
59. Zenith = 5
60. 2Stage = 3
61. Ibis = 3
62. Transition = 3
63. Wheeler = 3
64. Devinci = 1
65. Koba = 1
66. Spank = 1
67. Vario = 1

2008 IMTTO Event Of The Year - Results
1. Fort William World Cup
2. Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup
3. Offenburg World Cup
4. Maribor World Cup
5. World Championships Val Di Sole
6. Houffalize World Cup
7. Schladming World Cup
8. Vallnord World Cup
9. Crankworx Whistler
10. Canberra World Cup
11. Bundesliga Bad Salsdethfurth
12. Roc díAzur
13. Swisspower Cup Bern
14. Bromont World Cup
15. Beijing Olympics
16. US Open
17. Absa Cape Epic
18. Sea Otter Classic
19. Bundesliga Heubach
20. Fruita Fat Tire
21. Swisspower Cup Muttenz
22. Chequamegon Fat Tire
23. XC European Championships
24. Bundesliga M¸nsingen

For the 3rd consecutive year, the international mountain bike teams, tech support and race organizers organization (IMTTO) has awarded the prestigious "IMTTO Event Of The Year" trophy to Rare Management.

In 2007 they were the organizers of the UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships in the classic venue of Fort William, Scotland. Close to 60 members voted (teams and tech support companies only), and of the 25 events voted for, it was clear that Fort William was again the obvious favorite.

Unlike other awards, this one recognizes any mountain bike event held in 2007, and is voted on by the industry main players when it comes to mountain bike racing and events.

For the second year in a row, the members voted the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup as the 2nd best event (and therefore the best World Cp of 2007), very closely followed by the Houffalize World Cup. The highest ranked non-World Cup, non-World Championship event was the Roc díAzur held in Southern France.

"The feedback we get from our members in this voting process is extremely valuable. We pass on that constructive feedback to the various organizers in order to help them further improve their already excellent events. As an organization, the role of IMTTO is to further assist the events in their growth and therefore further secure the future of mountain bike racing as a viable sport for our members. The trophy we have awarded to Rare Management symbolizes this aim." ñ IMTTO President, Martin Whiteley.


1. UCI Mountain Bike World Championships ñ Fort William, Scotland

2. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada

3. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Houffalize, Belgium

4. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Maribor, Slovenia

5. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Offenburg, Germany

6. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Vigo, Spain

7. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Schladming, Austria

8. Roc díAzur ñ Frejus, France

9. Kokanee Crankworx ñ Whistler Mountain, Canada

10. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Champery, Switzerland

11. Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ñ Saint Felicien, Canada

12. Bundesliga Cross Country National ñ Heubach, Germany

13. Swisspower Cup ñ Bern, Switzerland

14. Absa Cape Epic ñ South Africa

15. Lisbon Downtown ñ Lisbon, Portugal

16. Bundesliga Cross Country National ñ Munsingen, Germany

17. US Open ñ Diablo Park, NJ, USA

18. Bearclaw Invitational ñ Mountain Washington, Canada

19. Swisspower Cup ñ Schaan, Switzerland

20. Sea Otter Classic ñ Monterey, CA, USA

21. Mountain States Cup - USA

22. Maxxis Cup International ñ Gouveia, Portugal

23. Ostravsky Chachar XC ñ Czech Republic

24. Swisspower Cup ñ Muttenz, Switzerland

25. Wheels Of Speed ñ Willingen, Germany

Letter To UCI On Women's Participation
The UCI recently wrote to IMTTO seeking its input regarding their concerns that women's participation in gravity events, especially the Women's 4X and Junior Women's Downhill at the recent World Championships in New Zealand, seemed to be on the decline. After consulting its membership as well as other key experts and top women riders, the IMTTO Executive formed a reply from the majority of responses, and sent it to the UCI. Here it is below:

Peter van den Abeele
Mountain Bike Co-ordinator
CH 1860

22nd January, 2007.

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your letter of December 13th seeking our reaction and comments to the weak participation of junior women in Downhill and women generally in 4X.

We asked our membership, as well as some very qualified coaches and top athletes, to gain a better understanding of the real situation.

We will address the four specific questions you raised in your letter however we would like to start out by saying that the situation in Rotorua was obviously an anomaly. Many National Federations simply did not have the financial resources to send the same number of athletes to New Zealand as they would to a European based World Championships, so therefore we don't wish to dwell on this particular event, but more in general terms.

1) Are the courses too difficult for women?

For some women, they are difficult, however, if we are talking about World Cup and World Championship level racing, the courses must be appropriately challenging. Most of the top women athletes do not want to see a compromise in the courses and very much welcome the fact that they race on the same courses as men. Unlike many cycling disciplines, the opportunity exists in downhill for optional course sections to be included, that are easier, but a little longer. These will allow women of varying abilities to compete. In 4X, courses must be designed always so that the men's race, and its spectacle, is not compromised to allow incompetent competitors, male or female, to participate. Most big jumps, if designed correctly, can be ridden over at slow speed. 4X courses must not be built for the lowest level skilled athletes! Doing so will not bring more women into the sport, but ruin the top level racing.

Ultimately though, courses should be "hard to ride fast" not "hard to ride". Courses should be designed so that riders are not encouraged to take unreasonable risk in the search for reward.

We could ask, why are some women finding the courses too difficult? The key factors seem to be the lack of skill training, lack of resources (women are not funded like men, and all National Federations, except maybe the French, do not fund downhill and 4X like Olympic XC).

Another reason is that in the eyes of many, gravity racing is perceived as a very strength based masculine sport. It is not considered a very feminine sport, and similar to Moto Cross, it will always have a much lower female participation in the racing side (but a high participation in the support and social areas of the sport).

It is also vital that at National level, the courses don't replicate World Cup level courses. The national and regional courses should be more welcoming to beginner and intermediate riders, and form a developing ground and feeder system for international events. This progression is logical. Simple local club events welcoming all new members, slightly more difficult regional events…and so on up to the top level events where people should expect to be challenged.

2) Does it depend on the material?

No not at all. From a technological point of view, competitive bikes are readily available, and often for less money than top road or triathlon bikes. All sizes are also available. Not from every manufacturer, but from most. What could more of a factor is the maintenance of the bikes. Suspension and brakes require a good deal of attention and without mechanical support at the top level it is harder for sure. Most women have a difficult time getting that level of mechanical support.

Without outside sponsors supporting the athletes financially, the burden has been left to the bike industry, and the bike industry will support male athletes before women due to the level of exposure given by the bike industry media. Back when the World Cup was televised and women were guaranteed some TV coverage, the top and mid level women did attract support, but these days it is so much harder for them.

The overall costs to participate and finding a place to stay etc, gets expensive. Funding and support are the real issues, not equipment.

3) Why don't more riders compete in Downhill and 4X?

As mentioned before, there is a widely held perception that these disciplines are male dominated and strength based. Also, with the dramatically reduced sponsorship support, it's become very difficult for women to participate. Lack of opportunity and support, especially versus risk, is a major factor. There's also not much motivation or incentive because even if women do race well, the rewards, recognition and potential opportunities achieved from these results are weak. Many of our members, who are commercial enterprises, find it hard to justify the cost of supporting/sponsoring a female athlete versus the return commercially, in the current media climate. So until sponsors, and therefore teams, are willing to pay decent salaries to female athletes, we're going to continue to see weak participation at the top level.

Furthermore, comparing our sport to others such as Surfing, Triathlon, Tennis, Snowboard etc, it's clear that what we lack is the concept that these riders can be used in the marketing of the sport. The female market in Snowboard and Surfing has seen increases in double digit percentages and part of this has been the creation of an image that this is an attractive
"lifestyle sport".

The fact that XC and BMX are Olympic disciplines will have a negative impact on participation in DH and 4X as choices for Olympic disciplines, which are funded more often by National Federations, become more attractive.

Another factor gets back to skills. Not that many females are skilled enough to do this sport. As with most skill based sports, the skill is learned at a young age (especially if there is an element of danger involved). Boys grow up playing on bikes, not many girls do this. Consequently, the women that have developed the skills are a long way ahead of those that didn't. This makes it very hard to compete against those that are skilled, and a little intimidating.

There are very few places to practice 4X. Permanent tracks are not easy to find. Most of the tracks for DH and 4X are only open during events, and are not open all year round. There are exceptions like Whistler Mountain, Todtnau, Leogang and some other European MTB Parks, but for the most part it's not possible to practice. If the sport cannot be practiced easily in large cities, recruitment will be difficult.

The only place where recruitment is logical is from BMX, where the riders are younger, and they're learning skills at the correct age. There are females out there with the correct mentality, but it is difficult to get them "up to speed". There are not enough qualified coaches in this area. Even when a girl wants to do this sport and she goes to a race wanting to improve, there's no guidance in place to help her to do what comes easily and naturally to a boy, play on a bike.

4) How can we stimulate a higher participation?

Our membership and respondents had many answers to this question, but the main points were:

1) Get Downhill into the Summer Olympic program.

2)Encourage National Federations to have solid development programs, and a national calendar events structure that encourages riders at the beginner level.

3) Develop a coaching clinic for females only, at all levels (including elite), from all countries, so the females can then become coaches/mentors and therefore recruiters and identifiers of female talent.

4) National Federations need to spend money with greater equality across XC/DH/4X and across men's and women's programs. This simply isn't happening, and we are now seeing the consequences.

5) Better World Cup track design to make the courses rideable, but still difficult at high speed.

6) A return of the World Cup to more substantial TV coverage globally, with women getting some of that TV coverage and therefore encouraging the bike industry and non-industry to make worthwhile commercial investments in women's racing.

7) Better marketing of 4X and DH to BMX athletes, focusing on the benefits available (i.e. - international races for women).

8) Use of riders such as Anne-Caroline Chausson as role models and ambassadors for the sport to the female market.

9) Easier cross over between BMX and MTB.

10) Provide free entry for women into 4X World Cup events.

11) Do not eliminate the Junior World Championship for Women's Downhill. This will have a further negative impact on women's cycling.

12) Schedules. As we have tried to explain before, having the 4X BEFORE the Downhill final will always have a negative impact. Many riders want to do both, but need to do the Downhill first. In the 4X there is often a chance of a rider-to-rider crash and most riders don't want to take that extra risk before a downhill. The World Championships schedule in New Zealand had a negative impact on male and female entries.

13) Commissaires need to start using the yellow card more in 4X! The current perception is that it's a last-rider-standing-crash-festival and this puts women off. Commissaires have issued zero yellow cards in 2 years of World Cup racing!

A lot of the above issues rest with the UCI's members, the National Federations, and we feel the UCI has a big role to play in providing the motivation and incentive for the National Federations to act on these measures.

Hoping this information is helpful. Thank you once again for seeking our opinions.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Whiteley

May 30, 2006

At last Friday's IMTTO meeting in Fort William, Scotland, IMTTO Vice President Martin Whiteley surprised Mike Jardine and Lesley Beck of Rare Management, when they were awarded a huge crystal trophy for their 2005 World Cup Event, voted by 62 IMTTO Members as the event of the year. The two were at the meeting to brief the membership on plans for the 2007 Worlds.

Unlike other event awards, IMTTO members vote on all MTB events, not just World Cups. This means every event on the 2005 calendar, regardless of their affiliations, or event style, are considered by the members.

Lesley Beck said "Wow, this is a huge surprise and real honour. We try and do all we can to assist the IMTTO membership and we appreciate all of your feedback. We'll take this trophy to the volunteers meeting tonight and show them that all their hard work has paid off!"

Martin Whiteley said "Fort William was a clear winner in the voting and it's no secret why. They go out of their way to assist our members and put on a consistently impressive bike event. It's the model that all other major events should try to emulate. If you are serious about running a great event, visit Fort William first."

IMTTO membership is made up of international mountain bike teams, technical support companies, and top level organisers. More than 30 events received votes. Here are the top 20:

1. Fort William, Scotland – WC

2. Sea Otter Classic, USA

3. Mont-Ste-Anne, Canada – WC

4. World Championships, Livigno, Italy

5. Houffalize, Belgium – WC

6. Spa Francorchamps, Belgium – WC

7. Camboriu Beach, Brazil – WC

8. Schladming, Austria – WC

9. Crankworx, Canada

10. Swisspower Cup, Bern

11. Mount Snow, USA – NORBA

12. Vigo, Spain – WC

13. Angel Fire, USA – WC

14. Lisbon Downtown, Portugal

15. Madrid, Spain – WC

16. Willingen, Germany – WC

17. Roc d\'Azur, France

18. Marathon Worlds, Lillehammer

19. La Bresse, French Cup Finals

20. Swisspower Cup, Reinach

All events that received comments on the voting forms from the membership will now have the comments sent to them to assist them in the future event planning.

December 21, 2005
All of our 2005 members are busy voting for the best Mountain Bike event of the year for 2005. The award takes into account all Mountain Bike events that IMTTO members attended, not just World Cups, and already it's clear that there are many events that are worthy of consideration. The results will be announced here in the early part of 2006, and the IMTTO Trophy will be awarded to the winning organiser during our first meeting of 2006, which is schedule for Fort William, Scotland, in May. The members are voting for events that not only were excellent for the sport, but were very helpful to the IMTTO membership.

March 7 2005
IMTTO Member FOX Racing Shox has announced it will be sponsoring the 2005 NORBA National Mountain Bike Series and the USA Cycling National Mountain Bike Championships. FOX has confirmed that a large portion of the sponsorship money provided to the Series will go towards prize money for the Professional Downhill and Mountain Cross events. ìWe are proud to be able to sponsor and offer prize money to these world class athletes. The NORBA National Mountain Bike Series brings in the best athletes from around the globe and they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts," stated Mark Fitzsimmons, Mountain Bike Race Program Manager for FOX.

Mark went on to say, "Racing is in our blood. We use racing to test our products in order to make them the best suspension available. Through our sponsorship we want to continue that message to the athletes and our customers."

IMTTO applauds this member's actions in giving back to the sport an all those members who will participate in the NORBA Series this year will benefit from this support.

21 February 2005
Today it has been confirmed by the organisers of the 2005 World Cup XC at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, that parking for ALL IMTTO members will be completely free. No matter the size of your truck or tech space, you will have free parking. Madrid has also confirmed that parking for the first 60 square meters will be free to IMTTO members, but the new Belgian event has gone one step further and is offering all IMTTO members, as well as UCI Teams, completely free parking. Our thanks to the organisers for this great gesture and we look forward to the event in April!

IMTTO Launches New Web Site
IMTTO, a non-profit organisation in the sport of mountain bike racing that represents Mountain Bike Trade Teams, Technical Support Companies and Race Organisers, has launched which not only serves as a vaulable tool for its members, but also provides the press and public with access to the sites of all IMTTO members and the latest IMTTO news.

The web site was launched on Tuesday for member access, and is now available for the wider public. IMTTO President Russell Carty said today: "This is an important step in our continued growth as a cohesive organisation that has at its heart, the healthy development of our sport. With members in nearly every continent, operating on different time zones, the internet is the best way for us all to stay in contact and assist each other".

The web site contains a news section as well as information about IMTTO, and membership application forms. Additionally the web site has "members only" sections, which feature a forum for open discussions on various issues in the sport, a section for posting minutes of the various meetings attended by or held by IMTTO, and the list of prices and benefits for various events.

Speaking on IMTTO, Carty said: "Our aim is to ensure that by working with the organisers of events, and the various sporting bodies, that our sport continues to prosper and is as appealing as possible to all of our sponsors and media friends."

IMTTO was created in 2001 through the amalgamation of IMTO (International Mountain bike Teams Organisation) and TAG (Technical Assistance Group). The organisation now has close to 60 members.

This meeting will take place at Les Gets (France) during the World Championships. The exact date, time and venue will be announced here shortly.

The organisers of next year's Maxxis Cup in Europe have confirmed that all IMTTO members will be able to park their trucks and tents for free at the races, and all riders of IMTTO teams will not need to pay an entry fee to participate. A big thanks to Luis and his organisers!!